Transportation is a key factor in maintaining our quality of life.  In order for our cities to remain vibrant full service facilities, the implementation and delivery of necessary infrastructure improvement projects must be a priority. James Transportation Group's staff of experienced  transportation professionals have provided support in the delivery of over $15 billion of major passenger rail, transit, bridges, and highways capital improvement projects and transportation planning activities throughout the western US in a high-quality cost effective manner.

Our project management efforts are delivered by a cohesive multidisciplinary   team of professionals with over 100 years of combined skilled experience in project management, project development, project management oversight and reporting.  Our key management team is highly experienced in navigating state and federal funding requirements, ARRA grants and project management, meeting state and federal reporting requirement needs, and state and federal project development procedures,  focusing on risk analysis and identification.

Our experiences forging innovative solutions on complex large-scale intermodal projects helps public agencies realize cost-containment through  On-time, On-budget No surprises cohesive customer  focused cost conscious project management approaches.

Our proven on-the-ground professional expertise honed with 21st century technologies results in quality projects that are built to last.  We are often the company of choice to perform SWPPP services, environmental monitoring, and risk analysis on the most complex over water bridge projects, and multi-faceted rail transit development projects.

Our staff understands the processes, procedures, bureaucracy, and barriers that public agencies have had to navigate in order to get your projects to the implementation stage.

James Transportation Group’s staff of experienced transportation professionals stand ready to help you deliver your transit and transportation capital improvement projects and transportation planning activities in a high-quality cost effective manner on-time and within budget. We are a total solutions provider company taking the design-build initiative to all phases of project development.

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